Dozie Anams

It’s all happening in the mind.

Silent Noise

Time’s flying, hours fleeting, seconds fading. Desperately clinging on to every last tick of the clock, lest the day goes by and I feel like it is wasted on me again. The spirit is yelling.

Bright Nights

Alpha Centauri shining bright in the sky, I sit and wonder what the future holds. Sadly, it escapes me till a time when the future becomes the present and I in the moment. The sun rears its head.

Loud Whispers

Peeping through a key hole, curious about what’s on the other side of the door. It could be everything I want or all the things I’m scared to want. There’s a council meeting happening in my head, these voices screaming in hushed tones. The soul’s discuss.

With all the conversations happening, I do hope the heart is listening.



…. Night time screams

If the world ends today,

I’ll rue the times is said “not today”.

The times I put things off cause I was lazy or scared,

time I choose to exist rather than live cause

I bothered about what was or what could be

Instead of focusing on what is.

If today be my last,

I’ll be happy for a great many things.

I did live a little, experienced new places,

lived great adventures and moments.

Happy to have lived, laughed, loved and learned,

We might be a microcosm of a fraction of a dot

in the universe, but in that dot is a big world.

Not great, but beautiful, cause it’s ours.

If this breath be my last,

I’ll leave you with this…

Only you got you like you needs to be got.



A dalliance with heart break that caused the soul to cry.

It’s hard to tell what is or what isn’t,

floating, yet feels like I’m drowning.

I don’t know if it’s you I see, could be

hallucinating, all I do know is

that I need your light in me, illuminating.

Crashing on the table, falling to the ground,

I don’t see nothing. It’s dark in here,

even darker without you living.

So what’s it gonna be, am I living or am I dying?

Floating or drowning?

Feels like the breathing is gonna stop soon,

losing air…

I best take a moment to catch my breath.

This is me with my cup of broken dreams,

make of it what you will.



Let’s preach the gospel, let’s teach the truth. Let’s speak of love, trust, brotherhood and peace, let’s echo the mind of God.

Be vocal about rightful living, we are created in the likeness of a lover, let’s spread love, teach love and be love.

His word is love, His word is peace, His word is true. So proclaim the word, put the gospel in poetry.



… Cries of the dark

Will I be free,

Is this how it ends?

Locked away in the dark,

Dying is way harder.

Where is the light,

Is the tunnel endless?

Let the winds in,

Door’s closing.

Will the days be bright?

I long to see the sun.

Locked out of heaven,

Demons calling.

Weeping is a constant,

If love is really a game.

Let the demons win,

Doing is overrated.

Will I Live or Die?…

This shit is WILD.



Dozie Anams

Dozie Anams

Inspired by the sun, moon, and stars. There are no limits to what's possible. It’s beautifully insane. ❤️